Chris Prusik

Chris Prusik

Co-Founder & CTO
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Chris Prusik, Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, passionate about programming in C# with 22 years of experience in developing software.

He started his programming adventure at the age of 15 with a Z80 assembler on an 8-bit Amstrad CPC 6128 computer. Graduate from Vocational Technical High School of Electrical Industry in Olsztyn and Warsaw University (Faculty of IT). Editor of publications about programming for “Amiga” and “Enter” magazines, INFOR Publishing Group (over 1 million internet users at the time) and “Legal Newspaper” (over 100,000 printed copies). Author of the book “AMOS Professional in Practice – Anyone Can Learn Programming”.

Founder of company providing complex IT solutions for big organisations and companies in Poland (inventor of Fixed Assets Register to manage over 1 billion PLN of assets for the Military Property Agency and Print Server in ACTION sending over 100,000 invoices per day). Since 2012 an entrepreneur in the UK, where he established interactive agency providing branding, intelligent websites & apps, CRM systems and marketing automation.

In April 2016 he started the G1ANT brand, offering an innovative solution that automates repetitive tasks and processes in large companies and organisations, increasing the efficiency of their employees and improving agility. The robotic revolution has started!